Why I Purchased .xyz over .com domain?

All website, no matter how big or small, need a domain name.

The domain name of your website is the address people type into their browser to get to your website, such as www.majhirockzz.xyz

So, when I published my blog with .xyz domain. There were several who questioned me about the .xyz domain name extension of my blog.

  • 🔹 Are .xyz as good as .com in terms of performance?

  • 🔸 Is .xyz a good domain and trustworthy?

  • 🔹 Will it get preference by google during the ranking of website?

  • 🔸 Why do most people own .com domains?

  • 🔹 What about .in and .com?

And many more...? 🥶

That's when I decided to write why i purchased .xyz and not .com or .in


So, when we talk about performance there is no such thing as domain performance. All domains are the same at performance. It all comes down to where you host your website your server will decided performance not the domain name.

....means with same server .xyz domain name will have same performance as .com


If we talk about popularity then .xyz is the 4th largest and popular domain after .com, .net and .org. So yeah, right now it doesn't really matter.

Maybe some people won't know about .xyz but most of them do and you can happily buy a domain ending with .xyz

We end the alphabet in xyz and we should end domain names the same way - DANIEL NEGARI
DANIEL NEGARI is CEO and founder of .xyz

It turns out someone agrees with him, and the popularity of .xyz domain exploded when Google's new holding company Alphabet made its online home at abc.xyz a move that could signal an end to .com dominance for good.

Alphabet was created through a restructuring of Google and became the parent company of Google and number of small companies.

Some other successful website using .xyz domain names are :

You can find a list of websites that use .xyz domain at this link.


Do you believe that Google's ranking algorithm favors .com more than any other domain extensions. Well, according to Google Webmaster's Blog, Google treats all the domain same while ranking.

For SEO this really doesn't matter that much because you are primarily focusing on getting people to click on the links to the targeted site/page.

If you have relevant information on your site then an extension of the website doesn't matter. If Google finds the relevant and useful information for their visitor on your website then it definitely gives a higher priority than other website.

What about .IN and .CO.IN domain names?

Getting a gTDL (Generic Top-Level Domains) over a ccTLD(Country Code Top-Level Domain) gives an impression that the content can be consumed by any person of the world.

gTLD have no country-specific or region-specific affinity on the other hand ccTLD are treated as local domains with specific geotargeting.

Since I wanted people from all over the world land on my website and not just from a particular country, it made a lot of sense to purchase gTLD and not any ccTLD like .in.

Cost of Buying

Most website owners think that buying an expensive domain name guarantees traffic and recognition of their site. However, it is easy to get a cheap domain name that is equally reliable.

With a cheap domain name, you get a good-quality address at a low price.

The .xyz domain name purchase cost me only Rs132 which is way cheaper than buying an .com domain name.

If you have really small budget then buying .xyz domain can be a wiser move. That's means more money in your pocket.


Is .xyz a good domain? Yes, absolutely.

As the popularity of new Top Level Domains is growing .xyz is likely to be trusted by more people over time.

I also realized that getting a .xyz is not a bad deal. As right now I'm not sure what are all topics I would be writing about. Having a .xyz domain extension gives me the freedom to experiment with my content and opportunity to understand what my audience wants.

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